Week beginning Friday 22nd June 2020


This week, we’re staying vegan and I hope you’ll agree, you don’t need to compromise taste or variety if you’re eating more plant-based!

Eating more plants and less meat can certainly provide health benefits; significantly increasing the amount of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as presenting an effective solution to protect animals, the environment and ultimately save our planet.

    • NEW RECIPE Garlicky Chilli Runner Bean Stew ***
      A great mix of peppers and a rich tomato sauce; you’ll find this a winner that satisfies most dietary regimes
    • Baked Miso Aubergines
      If you picked up a jar of miso for last week’s Tom Yum Miso Soup recipe, here’s another recipe you can use it up with!
    • Homemade Veggie-packed Broth
      A healthy homemade vegetable soup to pack in the nutrients and ward off the sniffles. It does work!🌶🌽🍅 A vegetable-packed soup will provide the antioxidant boost your body needs to fight off the bugs. The brighter coloured vegetables will have a higher antioxidant content; tomatoes, carrots, peppers…. it all counts!You can use any broth you like; fresh shop bought, homemade or cubes/bouillon powder. Bring the broth to the boil and season with salt & pepper, bay leaf, fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme or oregano) or 1 tsp dried herbs. Then, simply throw in the vegetables you’re using, cubed or thickly sliced, from raw and cook them slowly in the broth. For an extra pop of colour, include some halved cherry tomatoes towards the end (optional).

      If you have a little more time, gently sauté some onions or leeks and garlic in a little olive oil for 5mins, before adding the broth along with the rest of the vegetable, herbs (fresh or dried), a squeeze of lemon juice, salt & pepper.

    • Defrosted Frozen Berries with Coconut CreamWhen you’re craving something sweet and you’ve got frozen berries and a can of coconut cream lurking in the larder….ta dah!! Aside from an hour’s defrosting time, this is pretty much an instant dessert!  A sprinkle of dessicated coconut (toasted if you prefer) will finish it off and a little coconut (or any) sugar if you find the berries a too tart. Healthy, simple and tasty!Just so you’re clear, frozen berries are just as good for you as fresh! In fact, depending on when the berries have been picked and frozen, they might even contain more nutrients that have been locked in at the peak of ripeness before freezing.

      Berries, fresh or frozen are great fibre foods and packed with anthocyanins, a group of antioxidants that give that deep blue/red colour.  A great choice all round!