Week beginning Friday 26th June 2020

This Week: OMEGA-3 BOOST

This week, it’s all about boosting your intake of naturally anti-inflammatory healthy fats; omega-3s.

These are classed as “essential”, which, in terms of nutrition, means you have to eat them. They must come from the diet, so it’s really important to include them as often as possible in your food choices.

    • NEW RECIPE One Tray Baked Asian Salmon and Tenderstem Broccoli ***With just 5 ingredients in the marinade, it’s one of the quickest recipes that certainly tastes like there’s way more involved!
    • Quinoa, Radish and Artichoke Salad
      Whilst quinoa in itself only contains a small amount of omega-3s, the dressing you use on a salad can boost your omega-3 intake considerably. Avocado oil is one of the best sources and of course, extra virgin olive oil is also a great choice. Don’t skimp on your oil when you’re making a homemade dressing; it’s where all the flavour is and also the health benefits.It’s radish season! Love them or hate them? It’s the former for me..love that slightly fiery crunch & the splash of pink/white weaved through this quinoa & artichoke salad.
    • Avocado, Tomato & Pumpkin Seed Salad
      The simplest salad of just avocados and tomatoes is an incredibly healthy choice and provides a great dose of Omega-3s (the “good” fat in avocados), lycopene (the powerful antioxidant on tomatoes) & more good fats, fibre and protein from the sprinkle of pumpkin seeds.
      🥑 Healthy eating doesn’t need to be time consuming or complicated – it can simply be a case of assembling healthy ingredients with minimal prepping.
    • Sunday Brunching; Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon and Avocado
      Sunday’s are for brunching but also for boosting….a day to catch up on some those nutrients you may have overlooked during your busy week! This delicious combo of scrambled egg with smoked salmon AND avocado is a powerful omega 3s boost. Anti-inflammatory and crucial for your mental health, you need to ensure plenty of these good fats.It’s so much tastier if you don’t overcook the salmon, so simply add them in once the egg is cooked.