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I am a UK Registered Nutritionist (MBant) with a Master of Science degree in Personalised Nutrition (MSc) and over 10 years experience helping individuals transform their health.

Tired of feeling tired all the time?
Struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts?
Suffering from uncomfortable digestive symptoms after eating?

Whatever your struggling with, I'll help you achieve your health goals by getting to the root cause of your symptoms and showing you how a simple re-focus of your eating and lifestyle choices can finally resolve your health issues.

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Health Retreats

NEXT RETREAT: 9th - 14th May 2024

Join me and kickstart a healthy lifestyle away from distractions, in the peace and tranquillity of the Loire Valley, France.

With carefully considered food, organised exercise activities, and access to professional therapists, feel the long-lasting effects of a retreat can have.


1:1 Consultations

Need extra guidance? Is there something specific you would like to tackle?

Let's work together with my 6-week Health Improvement Programme.

My personalised consultations teach you exactly what's going on in your body, so you understand the root cause of your symptoms and the necessary steps to achieve your goals.


E-Books & Courses

Want to start making a difference in your health, but not quite sure how to get going?

I've created a range of self-learning resources to teach and guide you, including recipes.

With my clear and concise style, you'll understand the concepts and benefits, so you can get started with confidence and clarity, knowing how to maintain your new habits.


" For her, there are no diets and nothing is off the table. Instead, she offers advice that is realistic and practical, advocating cooking from scratch and producing meals of colour, taste and nutritional balance. "

Colin Cameron

Writer, Author, Consultant

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  • When I first met with May, I was on a very restrictive diet of no dairy, gluten or sugar plus no raw fruit or vegetables. I was incredibly frustrated and unhappy with my diet and it wasn’t solving my digestive issues. May was fantastic and totally understood the need to have a diet that would solve my digestive issues but also fit with my lifestyle and my families needs. Within 5 weeks, all of my digestive issues had been solved, I had lost weight and felt full of energy and fantastic. I am now cooking one meal for me and my family and feel so happy with my healthy yet fulfilling diet. May’s approach was to give me the tools and knowledge to eat well for life rather than a quick fix diet. She is very easy to talk to and understanding and I would highly recommend her.
  • Meeting May, who is highly approachable, has been a quiet revolution for me. May's research-lead and carefully thought-through advice has, since 6 August 2016 when I first went for a consultation, progressively changed my weight, health and well-being to an ever increasing degree.
    Thames Ditton
  • After just one session with May, I was confident that the changes she suggested were simple and achievable. Since then our whole family has implemented these changes into our daily lives. As a result we have more energy, we feel great and we’ve lost extra pounds without feeling that we were ‘on a diet’. I would highly recommend May’s services to anyone seeking to optimise their health through nutrition.
    Tracey Stonard
  • I’m -7 kg or so from when I visited you. My wife and I are definitely eating more healthily and there were a couple of key phrases I remember. Add colour to the diet and increase the nutritional load. We have more vegetables and less carbohydrates….Thanks!
    Surrey Hills
  • Without question the tweaks I have made to my diet are definitely helping – thanks so much!
  • I really enjoyed my sessions with May. She helped me to analyse my eating habits and gave me a greater understanding of food nutrition. May helped me to develop a healthy eating plan, with lots of new ideas for healthy family meals. I now feel more energised, have lost weight and feel more in control of what I eat. I would definitely recommend her.

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