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Meal planning workshop recipes

Meal Planning Made Easy! Video Course

Find out exactly what I have in my kitchen, larder and freezer so you can create a healthy meal in minutes, from scratch with minimum fuss. I share my easy replicable approach with 3 “live” videos, a meal plan, ingredients list and recipes.

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my years of meal planning experience with you, so that you can enjoy healthy meals, easily, day after day!”

I’m guessing you’d like to find ways to:

  • Avoid preparing meals from zero each day?
  • Easily come up with ideas after a long day?
  • Factor in dietary preferences without cooking different meals?
  • Spend less time planning, shopping and cooking?
  • Reduce waste and spend less…and eat healthily?

Well, that’s exactly what this Meal Planning Made Easy! course will help you do!

Join me on this video course and take control of your cooking!

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Edible Garden with Ruth Weighill at Forkful Food

I believe in easy, practical & achievable food, backed up by my expert, qualified recommendations - an approach I live by day-to-day.

I am here to help you - I have been there and done it myself so I really do get it!

May x


Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Guide

This Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Guide will help you understand the concept, the benefits and will get you started on this new way of eating. It also includes a 10-day Meal Plan, with recipes, for you to follow and use as a reference going forward.Intermittent Fasting is backed up with good scientific research and is simple to grasp with my easy guide.

Intermittent Fasting should be viewed as a long term lifestyle choice rather than a crash diet. Otherwise, it is likely that you will regain any weight loss if you resume your original eating habits.

It is also essential that you make healthy food choices; ensuring good nutrition is vital when fasting to ensure the body’s processes are taking place efficiently and effectively.

Planning your meals is key, to make sure you are getting adequate nutrients is very important.

A big problem can be establishing how to make it work for you; factoring in your work and family life, exercise schedule and health priorities and goals.

Thus, I have simplified your choices and have focused on 2 specific approaches in this Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Guide, that I consider the most straightforward and easy to implement into your lifestyle. I’ve also included a 10-day meal plan to get you going and you also have guidelines to follow to ensure you make great choices going forward.

After all, if it isn’t a simple concept, you are unlikely to succeed in your desire to incorporate this new way of eating.

Includes a 10-day meal plan with delicious healthy choices to help you understand what type of meals to include to stay on track

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I live by the advice I offer and regularly fast as a way of life. It’s an easy way to lose or maintain my weight and I’ve never felt better!

I am here to help you - I have been there and done it myself so I really do get it!

May x


Accidentally Vegan

Is this you: Are you tired of battling constant cravings?

  • Are you struggling to lose weight?
  • Are you suffering from digestive discomfort like bloating?
  • Are you confused as to what you need to eat to feel good?
  • Are you worried you’re not feeding yourself nutritiously?
  • Are you tired of the daily exasperation of “What to eat or what to cook for dinner
  • Are you tired…. of being tired all the time?

I totally get it!

I have helped 100s of clients regain control of their daily eating habits; replacing unsatisfying and unhealthy quick fixes with wholesome nutritious food. Eating vegan or plant based “TheMayWay” will allow you to truly thrive, feeling and looking your very best.

In truth, unless you know how to do this, you’ll probably end up making choices that you perceive to be the right ones, when in fact you’re actually sabotaging your efforts.

Let me help you!

As a nutritionist, I don’t subscribe to faddy diets, butAccidentally Vegan as a lifestyle choice is so compelling that I gave it a go and I now feel the benefits enormously. I share this natural approach with my clients, increasing their understanding of how the body is changing at this time and discussing the ways  they can help themselves, both before and during menopause.