A huge part of what I do as a nutritionist is helping clients feel their very best, by teaching them how to re-focus their food and lifestyle choices so they feel healthier and happier. If you’ve worked with me on a 1-2-1 basis or if you’re a member of my membership community The New Healthy, you will have received my support to help you achieve the health goals that make you feel awesome. But it’s not all only down to my support. My clients want to feel healthier and happier and use all the tools and guidance available to make a change.

On a personal level, I do believe in consciously visualising my aims and goals and can honestly say that I appreciate the power of a positive mindset and how my mind can work for me and against me!

I want to share my approach with you.

Let me help by breaking it down to these 3 areas to focus on: Mindset, Motivation and Manifestation strategies

Mindset strategies… for a healthier and happier YOU

How be a healthier happier you

It is important to frame your day with a ritual or routine. Here are a few ways to help you start your day with a positive mindset:

  • Wake up earlier than you need to and take the time to just sit and let the day evolve slowly, with no distractions. There is no need to meditate, but allow yourself to simply enjoy the cosiness of your couch/bed and give yourself time to think, plan etc., writing things down so you don’t worry that you’ve forgotten something during the day. Make a cup of tea and at that moment, take stock of your current environment and appreciate the good feeling and the slow start.
  • Affirmations; using positive statements to help you overcome any negative thoughts. Repeat them often so you begin to believe in yourself and start making positive changes. Consider the things that you feel insecure about and try to see them in a different way AND say them out loud to yourself.
    So for example:

    • I am successful/beautiful/happy/loved
    • I am organised and like finishing a task on time
    • I am grateful for my work/family Repeat Repeat Repeat. “I am Confident Beautiful Successful Loved etc”. Whilst you may hope to receive these affirmations from external sources, you don’t need these to come from someone else; you are not relying on other people’s praise. Talk to yourself in the mirror- talk positively about the good things.
  • Journaling at the beginning of the day: when you write things down, visually, things look different. This is different to a daily planner; it is a way to dump any thoughts that are occupying valuable space in your brain and a powerful way to consolidate the things that help you feel successful and fulfilled.
    • What are you grateful for?
    • Write 3 things that would make your day great. When you achieve then, how great will you feel?
    • Imagine the person you want to be. The more vivid you imagine, the more real! This is not only an opportunity to express gratitude but also to ask yourself uncomfortable questions as to why you are sad, upset etc. Now turn “If”s into “How”! Rather than “If only I could change this?”, ask yourself “How can I change this?”
  • Romanticise your life! Try to be a “Glass have full” person and show yourself compassion. If you had a friend going through a tough time, what would you ask them? “Where is this coming from?” “What can I do right now?” Show yourself the same love and compassion.


Motivation strategies… for a healthier and happier YOU

Get outdoors for a healthier happier you

Starting your day energised and invigorated will give you the best possible start and adequate sleep is crucial. The importance of good sleep cannot be overestimated.

  • Ideally, before noon, get outside for some natural daylight. Your body needs to register daylight to regulate the amount of melatonin it produces. Melatonin is responsible for your sleep/wake cycle and if that is well regulated, your sleep patterns will improve significantly.
  • At the end of the day, it’s time to regulate your melatonin production once again. Begin to wind down and switch off around 2 hrs before bed. Ensure your bedroom is cool and very dark.
  • Try to filter out blue light, as it blocks melatonin. Minimise your screen time, particularly near bedtime. Consider locking your social media apps. On an iPhone, go to “Settings” then “Screen time” then “Downtime”, where you can lock the app for certain times of the day or set a time limit.

Manifestation strategies…. for a healthier and happier YOU


Next, proceed to complete tasks.

  • Consider first the micro-tasks that build to help you achieve your bigger goal
  • Keep your body moving; try to ensure any type of movement every 20mins throughout the day; stand up and flex your joints, stretching out your muscles and getting your blood moving. Be more aware of parts of your body that you may easily neglect. For example, your toes, choosing to walk barefoot around the house or outdoors in warmer weather.
  • Don’t forget to breathe, so you feed the mitochondria; the powerhouse of your cells that produce energy. Take long deep breaths as often as you can, particularly as you take a break to focus on your movement activities during the day.
  • Increase productivity by eating nourishing whole foods. What does your body need to be balanced, nourished and happy?

    Your overall wellness depends on your body gets all it needs.

    Eat well for a healthier happier you

    Shakshuka, a wholesome delicious meal to enjoy with friends and family