• When I first met with May, I was on a very restrictive diet of no dairy, gluten or sugar plus no raw fruit or vegetables. I was incredibly frustrated and unhappy with my diet and it wasn’t solving my digestive issues. May was fantastic and totally understood the need to have a diet that would solve my digestive issues but also fit with my lifestyle and my families needs. Within 5 weeks, all of my digestive issues had been solved, I had lost weight and felt full of energy and fantastic. I am now cooking one meal for me and my family and feel so happy with my healthy yet fulfilling diet. May’s approach was to give me the tools and knowledge to eat well for life rather than a quick fix diet. She is very easy to talk to and understanding and I would highly recommend her.
  • Meeting May, who is highly approachable, has been a quiet revolution for me. May's research-lead and carefully thought-through advice has, since 6 August 2016 when I first went for a consultation, progressively changed my weight, health and well-being to an ever increasing degree.
    Thames Ditton
  • After just one session with May, I was confident that the changes she suggested were simple and achievable. Since then our whole family has implemented these changes into our daily lives. As a result we have more energy, we feel great and we’ve lost extra pounds without feeling that we were ‘on a diet’. I would highly recommend May’s services to anyone seeking to optimise their health through nutrition.
    Tracey Stonard
  • I’m -7 kg or so from when I visited you. My wife and I are definitely eating more healthily and there were a couple of key phrases I remember. Add colour to the diet and increase the nutritional load. We have more vegetables and less carbohydrates….Thanks!
    Surrey Hills
  • Without question the tweaks I have made to my diet are definitely helping – thanks so much!
  • I really enjoyed my sessions with May. She helped me to analyse my eating habits and gave me a greater understanding of food nutrition. May helped me to develop a healthy eating plan, with lots of new ideas for healthy family meals. I now feel more energised, have lost weight and feel more in control of what I eat. I would definitely recommend her.


Join the annual membership and receive 2 months free!

The New Healthy Monthly Membership

I know first-hand that it takes more than just eating well to achieve optimal personal health and my aim is to provide you with an effective, yet manageable approach to help keep you on track with a healthy lifestyle.

It’s these small steps, that if you action regularly, will make all the difference to your life.

The New Healthy membership is a community where you will receive the nudge and exact tools you need to focus on your wellbeing, based on the 5 pillars of health that will help you to feel healthier, happier and fulfilled.

A varied programme of events is delivered online by zoom or directly to the inbox; there is no social media. All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the member’s platform for those who cannot make the live sessions.

I personally lead every event, either delivering the sessions or alongside experts I have invited. Each session is an opportunity to ask questions and learn more.

It is also an opportunity to become part of a friendly community that has a positive focus; inspiring and motivating you to eat well and stay healthy.

Effectively, members have access to a personal online nutritionist!

The New Healthy 5 pillar of health

The New Healthy - JUST £4.99 per month

The New Healthy focuses on the five pillars of health that make a difference to your life. Join this monthly membership community today and start making that difference.


Let me help you!

My approach is realistic, practical and achievable and I am here to help you find a new way of living that fits in with your lifestyle. Otherwise, it is not sustainable!

I have been there and done it myself, so I really do get it!

What are the root causes of poor sleep?

Does any of this resonate?


You wake up on a Monday morning, head-heavy on your pillow and you “hope” that you’ll feel better after a coffee.

You had already decided to ditch the coffee and avoid bread last week, but you don’t feel so great as your feet touch the floor and you shuffle to the bathroom.

You just can’t face cutting anything out right now, although you know you should as you step off the scales and sigh.

This cycle of waking up and breaking up with your health goals seems to be a daily event, but you promise yourself that you will 100% start with better habits tomorrow.

The coffee doesn’t help and you forget to drink extra water as the day progresses.

You're distracted with work, miss your exercise class and grab a sandwich for lunch and forget to buy food to cook (well you were just so busy!), so it’s takeaway again.

You lie in bed and playback the day in your head. The new goals feel very distant, and you worry about your health, your weight and your energy.

You’re frustrated and it’s making you unhappy.

The top foods to eat regularly by May Simpkin

The New Healthy will help you reset and find joy again!

"You are always so inspiring and we couldn't think of a lovelier way to have a reset."

What's included in The New Healthy?

As a nutritionist, I know that making positive health changes is much easier to achieve with expert guidance, not only to motivate and inspire change but most importantly, to teach people exactly why.

I also know it is not just a question of “what to eat” and this is why I have launched my membership community, The New Healthy.

Receive direct support from me and The New Healthy community and we’ll help you banish unhealthy habits once and for all!

You’ll enjoy more stability and confidence in your actions.

Have expert guidance and years of experience in nutrition and health at your disposal.

Members also get exclusive bonuses and discounts, including free access to courses and events.

Expert guidance & years of experience at your fingertips

I will be on hand to help and guide you through the programme.

Weekly meal inspiration & recipes

Recipes and meal inspiration landing in your inbox each Friday, meaning you'll have plenty of ideas of what to cook for the week ahead.

Live cooking demos

Learn how to make a new recipe while learning new, fascinating nutrition facts and cooking tips to help you replicate the dish at home.

Expert masterclasses

Expand your horizons and deepen your knowledge, learning from guest industry experts and those with specific skills, knowledge and experience.

Weekly Accountability

From the outset, you will have the opportunity to record, from your perspective, your current general health status and the symptoms that are bothering you the most. I'm in touch regularly, specifically aiming to keep you accountable, motivated and inspired. But you'll also find yourself motivated simply by being a part of a like-minded community.

Classes to suit all levels

You'll find 6 week Pilates and Yoga courses already in The New Healthy as well as plenty of individual videos for you to access immediately once you're mat-ready. In addition, exercise classes with varying instructors will be arranged regularly to keep you inspired and motivated.

Fancy saving money?

Join The New Healthy on an Annual membership; receive 2 months free! Just £49.99 for the whole year!

Edible Garden with Ruth Weighill at Forkful Food

Here's why The New Healthy will work for you!

  • You’ll have the tools and knowledge to inform your meal choice decisions

  • You’ll be inspired and motivated to make changes to your eating habits

  • You’ll have a bank of recipes to hand so you can make quick, tasty and nutritious meals

  • You’ll start making healthy sustainable choices that fit in with your lifestyle

  • You’ll feel energised throughout the day…every day

  • You’ll have a better understanding of the conflicting and confusing health messages presented in the media

  • You’ll improve your gut health and reduce bloating and wind

  • You’ll improve your mood and concentration and regain your “mojo”!

…and you’ll have the support and accountability of a community that wants you to succeed!

My promise to you…

If you know me, you’ll know I have a no-nonsense approach to health!

I live by the advice I offer and it is the sustainable changes that will help you to truly thrive…rather than feeling frustrated and disappointed that your short-term and inconsistent efforts have not reaped the rewards you had hoped for.

I know how that feels and, I also now know how to help you change that.

This membership is very special to me because I can deliver directly the advice and practice steps that I know can help you change your life for the better.

I’m confident in saying this as I have provided this exact support to my 1-2-1 clients and guests on my retreats over the past 10 years, who go on to eat delicious healthy meals and exercise more than ever with the support of a community of like-minded people.

Are you ready? Join us today and let me help you live a healthier life!

Healthy Banana Bread Granola; May Simpkin; Best foods for weight loss

Don't just take my word for it...

“Joining The New Healthy has undoubtably been one of the best decisions for my well being and health issues that I have ever made . I was feeling very frustrated that, although I always cook from scratch, use fresh fruit & vegetables, eat fish 3x a week, I had gained weight and was definitely lacking in get up & go.
"Taking part in this community and listening to May’ s expert nutritional knowledge has been invaluable. It has been fun, friendly but most of all easily achievable; no fad diet & no cooking separate meals for each person in the house. Just sensible sustainable tweaks for life."
"I have been so impressed that due to unique issues of my own health, I decided to work further with May on a one to one basis. This has resulted in fantastic results both in weight loss (6.5 kgs with no dieting required!) and a much more energised me."
"I would highly recommend May for her realistic, knowledgable, extremely friendly approach. A joy to work with.”


  • Why is now the perfect time for me to join?

    Prioritising your health and wellbeing is paramount and fundamental to living life to the full, both now and in the long term.

    As an expert, I will deliver an effortless approach within The New Healthy to help you to truly thrive, so you wake up inspired, motivated and energised day after day.

  • Why is it so cheap?!

    Two reasons!

    1. I want to make sure it is accessible and not just another regular payment that you're struggling to justify. Weekly nudges to ensure you address your health is worth much more and a bargain at £4.99!
    2. I create a lot of content for my community; recipes, blogs, videos etc but I need the freedom to use this content elsewhere. I don't have the capacity to produce good quality exclusive content that I cannot use elsewhere, for example to my wider email list or social media followers. But, you'll be the first to have access to new content!


  • What if I'm already making great progress in my healthy journey?

    The New Healthy will delve deeper into the world of nutrition so you continue to be inspired with new research, concepts and tools to ensure that you continue with the progress you have initiated.

    It means that week after week, month after month, you’ll find yourself nudged into taking action and my guess is that you’ll enjoy having that expert support within a safe community, to share your insights and help develop further knowledge and tools when it comes to your health.

    You’ll enjoy more stability and confidence in your actions, knowing you have expert guidance.

  • What if I already have a community and a mentor who supports my health?

    The New Healthy will cut through the huge banks of information and provide you with expert insights that complement your established resources.

    Take a look via the link below at some of the events coming up that you can join for FREE as a member of The New Healthy and see if that helps with your decision (we think it might!). 


Ready to join us?

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The New Healthy

Giving you the confidence and the support you need to transform your health and live the life you want.

When you join The New Healthy you will receive a call from May to establish your health goals and how to get you started.

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