As the summer holidays come to an end, the stark reality of the long lazy lunches, relaxing poolside and lack of routine suddenly doesn’t feel so good and addressing your health and lifestyle becomes a matter of urgency!  September is an ideal time to take control and reintroduce the healthy habits that make you look and above all, feel good.  Without the pressures and expectations associated with the new year in January, better weather and memories of a carefree summer not too distant, kick starting a new healthy regime is often easier, more successful and more rewarding.

To help you I’ve written an ebook which is FREE and available to download from the link above on the website. You’ll find some key tips and advice to help you feel fuller for longer, as well as a one day reference guide to help you make better, healthier choices. 

I’m thrilled to be back and to introduce you to my new website that I’ve been working on since I was last in touch.  I’d love you to head over and take look; you’ll find lots of new recipes and blog articles, which I’ll be adding to on a regular basis from now on, so do keep checking in!

If you’d like to be inspired and improve your cooking skills, why not arrange a Nutriful Healthy Cooking Workshop with a few friends? Take a look at what’s on offer over the coming weeks but feel free to get in touch with any specific dates/topics. Let me create an event to help and inspire you to a healthier lifestyle. CLICK HERE for further details

With vitality

May x