We are constantly being bombarded with health tips and advice, new wellness trends and recommendations from self-proclaimed wellness experts, most of which are seductive, seemingly easy to action, encouraging a health obsession many of us slowly creep into.

It’s easy to become obsessed with the desire to live our healthiest life; after all, what’s more important than our health?

I’ve worked with many clients who strive for perfection when it comes to their health; avoiding certain foods that have been vilified, choosing foods that have been propelled into fashion and engaging in quick-fix lifestyle trends that are neither effective nor sustainable.

There’s a fine line between prioritising your well-being and becoming consumed by it.

Is there a Healthy Obsession?

When we talk about being obsessed with our health, it’s important to differentiate between a healthy obsession and an unhealthy one.

A healthy obsession typically involves maintaining a strong commitment to your health with a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. In other words, eating nutritious foods, incorporating regular physical activity, managing stress effectively, and getting adequate sleep…The May Way! These are all crucial components of a healthy life, and paying attention to them can significantly enhance your overall wellbeing.

However, problems arise when this commitment turns into an all-consuming preoccupation. Health obsessions can manifest as constantly worrying about your diet choices, perceived health issues or feeling stressed if you’ve missed an exercise session.

This can lead to anxiety, guilt, and even social isolation as you become fixated on health-related concerns.

The Downside of Health Obsession

While taking care of your health is undoubtedly important, there are downsides to becoming overly obsessed with it. Ask yourself ….

  • Are you constantly worrying about your health, to the point that you are sometimes stressed and anxious? Stress can increase inflammation, disrupt sleep, and impair immune function and ironically, can negatively impact your well-being.
  • Do you restrict foods or food groups? Extreme dietary restrictions can lead to nutrient deficiencies or an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • Do you avoid social activities or relationships fearing you might disrupt your healthy habits? It is important to find a balanced way of eating and lifestyle that allows you to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. Dining out with friends, and indulging in the “treats” occasionally is an enjoyment and avoiding these pleasures will ultimately affect your quality of life.

It’s all about a Balanced Approach to Health; The May Way!

So, should you be obsessed with your health? The answer is Absolutely Not!

Instead, aim for a balanced approach to well-being that prioritises the following:

  • Make informed, mindful choices when it comes to your health. Focus on nourishing your body with a variety of nutritious foods rather than fixating on specific diets.
  • Incorporate regular physical activity that you enjoy into your routine. Exercise should be a source of pleasure and stress relief, not a chore.
  • Practice stress-reduction techniques such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises to keep anxiety in check.
  • Nurture your social connections and engage in activities that bring you joy, even if they occasionally involve indulging in less-than-healthy options.
  • If you’re concerned about your health or have specific health goals, seek guidance from qualified health professionals. My 6-week Health Improvement Programme offers a personalised approach to your health and will help you achieve your health goals by addressing the root cause and not just the symptoms.


There’s no denying taking care of your health is a crucial aspect of living a fulfilling life, but there’s no need to become obsessed with it. Striving for balance, both in your physical and mental well-being, is the key to a happy and healthy life.

Remember that your well-being extends beyond your physical health; it encompasses your emotional, mental and social wellbeing as well.

So, take a step back, enjoy the journey, and embrace a more balanced approach to health that allows you to savour all the wonderful experiences life has to offer.

Avoid a health obsession and learn how to live the May Way

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