There was a time that I would begin each year with a list of plans and goals, which I would kid myself would be achieved over the coming year, simply because I had taken the time to think them through and note them. Experience has shown me that these were long forgotten once the year had got going in earnest and frankly, it didn’t seem to make any difference to the direction I was heading!

However, I do find a look back over the last 12 months, to see how the year panned out and what I gained over the year intriguing. Whether it’s new knowledge, experiences or developing an idea and how this has consequently shaped my current activities, actions or plans.

Don’t worry, this is not a list of deep emotional discoveries… as always with me, these are realistic, practical and achievable!!

So, here’s 9 things that I discovered in 2018!

  1. Cappuccino’s with oat milk are a game changer!! As a self-declared coffee snob, I do struggle to get a perfect cappuccino that’s strong, smooth and not too milky. Now that I’ve discovered oat milk, the end result is much lighter and not so creamy in texture, allowing the full flavour of the coffee to come through. I need to be clear here, this choice is merely to ensure my perfect coffee and not a attempt to steer clear of dairy, lactose or as a response to any recent change in dietary habits!
  2. “Eating-in” is the new “Eating-out”. I’ve had too many disappointing meals out and frankly, with a little planning and a few key ingredients, making my perfect meal for a heavenly night in is so easy and infinitely more satisfying!
  3. Vegetables make a meal! A beige or white meal that lacks crunch, colour and vibrancy isn’t worth the calories. As I mention time and time again…Add Colour, Add Nutrients and your meal will instantly be elevated to the next level!
  4. Restricting my eating window keeps my weight in check…it works!! Here’s how?
  5. Sleep is crucial and the consequences of lack of sleep are so hard to deal with. I regularly get 8 hours sleep each night (I prioritise sleep) and certainly notice the difference if it’s less. I’m hungrier, foggy headed, less focused and generally not firing on all cylinders…which is not really how I want to feel!
  6. Keeping up with the ever changing social media algorithms is exhausting and thankless and I should just leave it to the youngsters…but it’s an essential part of what I do and I just have to keep at it! That said, I’ve discovered the confidence to stay true to myself and only post relevant and helpful posts and that IS rewarding, so I’ll just keep plodding on! (Have you liked my Facebook page and are you following me on Instagram and Twitter?!)
  7. Yoga is for life! I do remember a time when the idea of spending an hour focusing on breathing and stretching was unthinkable. Now, that “impatient me” appreciates the liberation of being able to bend and stretch without risk of injury and having discovered yoga in later life, I know I will be doing forever before I’m flowing effortlessly from one perfect pose to another….I’m fine with that!
  8. I’m not sure I’m ready for meditation yet?!
  9. Giving my all feels good and I need to make sure I keep doing that. As always, I’m immensely grateful for the support and appreciation I receive from my fabulous community, THANK YOU all so much x


What were your 2018 game changers? Do share in the comments below!