Discover these two herb blends that can help support difficult phases;

Women’s Menosupport + Renewal

This natural supplement blend for the menopause also includes Ginseng and Soya Isoflavones, natural compounds that can mimic oestrogen, the primary female sex hormone. The B complex vitamin and Folic Acid regulate neurotransmitters that maintain energy levels and a positive mood balance and emotional outlook.

Spirulina a blue-green algae may help calm, energise and balance the body.

Women’s Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal Support

Folic Acid, Chromium, Inositol are known to support fertility, positive mood and regular menstrual cycles.

Siberian Ginseng and Sea Kelp help to boost energy and maintain healthy thyroid function. Vitamins Selenium, B12, D and C support the body’s natural immune defence, allowing the body to repair.  Biotin supports hair and nail growth.  Feverfew extract supports hormonal health.

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