As the calendar turns a new page, it’s natural to pause and reflect. Reflecting on 2023 wasn’t just a collection of moments; there were unexpected revelations and enlightening experiences. I’d love to share my insights, which know will nudge me towards growth in the coming year.

1.     The energy of certain people is truly infectious.

Running two successful retreats underscored this truth. It wasn’t just about the retreats; it was the incredible individuals who not only energised me but also left me feeling immensely content and fulfilled. Surrounding yourself with like-minded souls can truly radiate the energy that aligns perfectly with your own.

Reflecting on 2023: there were unexpected revelations and enlightening experiences. - May Simpkin - Nutritionist

Health Retreat September 2023

2.    Embracing change and unease

Many of you will know that I spend a lot of time in France, at Chateau de la Vigne, a property we have owned and run for over 20 years. Navigating different lifestyles between France and the UK has been an eye-opener. Whilst juggling between the two is exciting, finding my focus in each place has been a delightful challenge! In France, amidst envisioning and putting into action big projects, I’ve found myself meticulously plucking weeds and cooking up endless veggies with beautiful fres produce I can’t leave! On the other hand, being in the UK sparks my brain into action—learning, writing and crafting social media content.

But let’s be real: this compartmentalisation isn’t as clean-cut as I’d like. The truth is, it all happens wherever I am, leaving me feeling torn between giving each aspect my full attention. But I’m slowly realising that this, as a period of change, can also be invigorating, so I’m embracing it!

3.    The truth about my future health has become undeniably clear.

In the midst of two unforgettable trips with my 92-year-old father; one to visit his 90-year-old sister in southern Italy and the other to his brother, 94 years, in Tunisia… something profound unfolded. Despite mobility challenges, what truly shone through was the incredible connection they shared; a tapestry of physical, intellectual, and spiritual interactions that epitomised the essence of a rich and fulfilling old age.

Reflecting on 2023 - Time to Future Proof your Health - May Simpkin - Nutritionist

My father on the right and uncle on the left

Their ability to foster genuine relationships, engage in impassioned discussions, and generously share their life experiences with individuals from all walks of life and different generations was nothing short of remarkable. Witnessing the art of embracing old age with wisdom and grace left an indelible mark and is truly inspiring for those fortunate enough to be a part of their world.

4.    It’s time to future-proof our health

Eating well in midlife is a non-negotiable; it’s the cornerstone of vitality and wellbeing. As our bodies change, a balanced diet becomes pivotal in supporting overall health, managing weight and reducing the risk of chronic conditions. It’s not only an investment in ourselves but also fuels our energy levels and supports our cognitive function.

It’s a major factor that strengthens our body to navigate the demands of an active and fulfilling midlife. Prioritising nutrition at this stage ensures a stronger foundation for a vibrant and resilient future.

Investing in my health and taking care of my body has always been important to me but now more than ever; I don’t want to pay the higher price of losing my quality of life or spending time in hospital or money on medical interventions.

Lose Weight with this Intermittent Fasting Beginner's Guide | May Simpkin

Including 8 day Meal Plan

Intermittent Fasting Beginner's Guide - May Simpkin - Nutritionist

Invest in your health with Intermittent Fasting: Beginner’s Guide

5.    Ladies, Protein is paramount!

I’ve said it over and over…it’s difficult to overestimate the importance of good quality protein in our diets. However, now, as a woman in midlife, I find that a meal without adequate protein leaves me unsatiated and craving more food.

Women’s bodies change significantly in their 40s and 50s; following the same diet and exercise schedule can still result in weight gain. Couple that with anxiety, low mood and lack of energy; typical symptoms of menopause, and it’s easy to see how quality of life can be profoundly affected.

Of course, there’s a lot at play but one simple strategy is to prioritise good quality protein alongside a mountain of veggies at every meal! Hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes as well as hair, skin, nails and muscle repair all rely on adequate protein. Giving your body what it needs and getting through the day feeling fuller for longer, without cravings kicking in, is a gamechanger!


Reflecting on 2023 was indeed a cathartic and enlightening experience for me. Thank you for joining me!