I am often asked “What should I do if I do get cravings?”

You’ll no doubt find yourself bombarded with “beat the bulge” messages as the festive season begins and so much so, that there can be a tendency to ignore them, convincing yourself that it is inevitable that your healthy habits will be a little wayward at this tricky time.

To a certain extent, the temptations and increased socialising will indeed make it harder, but how about adopting a more mindful approach when it comes to cravings?

Fine to say and read perhaps, but will this actually help when faced with the powerful urge to overindulge?! What do I mean by this?!!

So, the cravings have kicked in…

Consider whether the cravings are justified or not?
  • Are you actually hungry or indeed thirsty? Have you drunk anything other than a cappuccino or that cup of tea first thing? Any water or herbal teas? Have you eaten enough fruits and vegetables that have provided adequate liquid content?
  • When was your last proper meal or are your blood sugars so low because you’ve been on the run all day and haven’t eaten anything.
  • Have you just eaten a sweet treat (probably inadvertently) in the office or whilst out with the kids that initially provided that sugar surge but now leaves you craving more sugar?

Once you’ve worked out the cause of your craving, you can address the solution, whether that’s drinking more, eating a proper meal rather than a quick snack or eating a piece of fruit to satisfy the low sugar craving to get your through to your next meal.


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It makes sense that avoiding the cravings in the first instance is much easier than overcoming the craving once they’ve kicked in.

  1. Prepping and planning when and what you’re going to eat is crucial and therefore a haphazard approach to eating. This also applies if you’re out and about, as you will have an idea of when you might expect to eat. Ensure you don’t arrive ravenous by eating a healthy snack beforehand.
  2. When shopping, re-route around the supermarket so you don’t find yourself in front of the array of brightly coloured attractive displays of, essentially sugar, telling yourself that these foods are for others and not aimed at you. If you don’t see them, you’re less likely to put them in the trolley and therefore less likely to eat such foods.
  3. If you do find yourself tearing into a packet of sweets or biscuits or accepting an offering, take control of your mind and let a big, strong, powerful “NO” glide over your eyes (metaphorically of course) and furthermore, let your actions follow. You’d be surprised how effective this can be but you do need to practice actually doing it. Keeping some fruit and a small handful of nuts in your bag or desk will help if you’re desperate for an alternative and at least you’re boosting your nutrient intake for the day.


What’s your big tip to beat the cravings?! Let us know in the comments below….