Collagen plays a significant role in the overall health of our gut and as we age, this can be compromised. Our gut is often referred to as our “second brain”, affecting mood, energy levels and much more. The food we eat must be well processed to absorb the vitamins and minerals efficiently, which in turn ensures our body’s critical functions like digestion, hormone regulation, immune response, detoxification, and mental health.

Ensuring your gut health is therefore crucial and a healthy gut flora and healthy gut lining play a big role in ensuring an efficient digestive process.

What you eat affects your gut bacteria and eating plenty of foods that are high in fibre will help create a healthy microbiome in the gut. However, when it comes to improving the health of your gut, you may not consider collagen as a nutrient to focus on in addition. After all, collagen is more likely to be associated with improving skin health and joint pain rather than the gut and digestive system. In fact, Collagen can have significant benefits for healing the gut and improving gut integrity and is well worth incorporating into your daily routine for better gut health.

How can Collagen affect the Gut Lining?

Essentially, collagen is the gut’s connective tissue and as such provides strength and support to the lining of your digestive tract. It is effectively a protective lining, acting as a barrier, allowing only particles that should pass through, to enter the bloodstream from the gut. If this protective lining is damaged, the gaps between the tight junctions become larger, allowing larger particles to pass through into the bloodstream. This damage results in a condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome that in turn leads to inflammation, which can be very painful and cause significant digestive discomfort.

Can Collagen help with Leaky Gut Syndrome and other Digestive Disorders?

Studies have shown that those with inflammatory bowel disease, where typically the gut health has been compromised, were more likely to have lower levels of serum collagen. Increasing collagen intake may help to support the lining of the gut and therefore improve gut health in general.

Once the gut is healed and the tight junctions in the lining of the intestines are restored, inflammation reduces and you’re on your way to a healthier and stronger gut.

Restoring the strength and integrity of the gut is one aspect of improving your gut health overall. Ensuring a healthy microbiome, with a healthy balance of good vs bad bacteria, is also crucial.

The Best Food Sources of Collagen in Gut Health?

  • Bone Broth
    This contains collagen extracted from bones and connective tissues.
  • Chicken Skin and Pork Skin
    These contain collagen, especially when consumed with the underlying fat and contribute to the body’s collagen production.
  • Fish
    Eating fish with edible bones, like sardines or tinned mackerel provides collagen and minerals crucial for the body to make collagen

Collagen-rich foods like bone broth or skin from poultry and fish are direct sources of collagen.

The following foods provide nutrients that help with the production of collagen and gut health. Integrating a variety of these foods into your diet can contribute to improved gut health and can support your collagen production.

  • Egg Whites
    Egg whites are rich in amino acids like proline, which is essential for collagen production.
  • Gelatin
    Gelatin from animal skin and connective tissues provide a source of collagen. Foods like desserts and snacks that use gelatin will therefore provide collagen.
  • Vitamin C-rich foods
    Vitamin C  is essential for the production of collagen within the body.

    • Leafy Greens
    • Berries
    • Citrus Fruits
    • Peppers
  • Garlic
    Garlic contains sulphur compounds which help with collagen production
Does a Collagen Supplement Improve Gut Health?

Taking a supplement is the easiest way to boost your collagen intake, however, it is important to choose a collagen supplement that contains hydrolysed collagen peptides, where the amino acids in the collagen are already in a more easily digestible and absorbable form.

In my opinion, Totally Derma is the best formulation out there! It not only contains small hydrolysed protein particles to ensure they pass through into the bloodstream, but it is unique in that it is the only brand to also contain a therapeutic dose of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is crucial for hydration within the body; whether that’s lubricating joints, combating post-menopausal vaginal dryness or overall skin health, this product makes a difference.

Totally Derma Collagen Supplement

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This product not only has a high dose of collagen, but it is unique in that it also contains Hyaluronic acid, which makes a difference to hydration in the body and “Athred”; a patented formula for joint health. No more achy joints!

Totally Derma Collagen as recommended by May Simpkin Nutrition

How long does it take to see Improvements in Gut Health with Collagen Supplementation?

You may start to see improvements within weeks, particularly with hydration with this particular product. However, I recommend you continue for at least 3 months to see more significant benefits; be patient and consistent!

I take mine daily as a drink mixed with water in the evening, to help with overnight repair, but it can also be added to smoothies or sprinkled on yoghurt.

I noticed significant improvements within 3 weeks; that’s why I continued taking it and feel confident recommending it to you. BUY IT HERE