9 Nourishing & Healthy Snack Recipes to Banish Cravings


Your ultimate snacking guide that delves into the science behind why we snack and how to control cravings, including 9 full healthy snack recipes for the whole family.


Ideal for those looking for health inspiration to help manage weight; whether it’s to lose weight or avoid weight gain. Also suitable for those with Type 2 Diabetes as part of a sugar controlled balanced diet.

Do you…

  • usually, opt for quick-fix snacks that do not satisfy?
  • want a better understanding of why you snack?
  • feel frustrated that you are constantly hungry?
  • get bored with the foods you eat?
  • want to ensure that you nourish your body with the food you eat?
  • want to create healthy snacks using whole foods?
  • lack inspiration when it comes to creating healthy food?
  • want to feel inspired in the kitchen?

I’ve steered clear of the more usual recipes here and instead put together this interesting collection of healthy snack recipes that will inspire you to create delicious choices to nourish you and your whole family.

Your health is important and making each meal, snacks included, count nutritionally is key to overall health

Perfect for ALL LEVELS OF COOKING experience!

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