Don’t just take my word…here’s the yoga retreat testimonials from some of the guests who joined my June 2022 yoga retreat!

The retreat was a 4-day retreat was held at Chateau de la Vigne, a glorious chateau in the Loire valley that i own and run; a home from home and a perfect setting for my favourite week in my calendar! Receiving hese incredible yoga retreat testimonials is humbling and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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“May is phenomenal! I’ve just returned from a super health retreat that May ran in France and it was fantastic! I learned so much about nutrition and loved her cooking workshops. May is so knowledgeable and shares her expertise in such straightforward terms! She has totally inspired me in the kitchen and has helped me plan healthy and practical meals to fit in with my very busy work schedule. I highly recommend signing up for her online programs as they are brilliant too! Thank you May!!!”

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Wow, where do I start?  Nestled in the French countryside, about half an hour from Angers, the Chateau was perfectly located, allowing all guests the chance to recuperate from their work and the outside world. Full of rustic French charm, the rooms in both the chateau and its lodges, that enclosed the courtyard, were both comfortable and scenic, with beautiful views of the garden and its flowers. With the distinct scent of jasmine wafting in the air, eating outside felt such a luxury and feasting on May’s well thought out and nutritionally powered delicious food was simply a delight.

May had a depth of knowledge which amazed me, her passion for food as a nutritional therapist was truly contagious.  We would have cooking classes with her in her kitchen which I excitedly attended since it gave us an invaluable toolkit to be able to re-create the food we were eating with minimal fuss and maximum nutritional benefit. In addition, we had insightful teaching about the power of food, the gut microbiome and how to make ‘each bite count, nutritionally’ when one cooked the ‘May Way’!

All the other members of May’s team were equally inspiring with Jamie’s yoga beautifully scripted and taught with such precision.  His unique style of teaching checking our poses and continuously adjusting to ensure we maximised the potential benefit of each pose. He had an incredible depth of knowledge having a background in contemporary dance and Ashtanga yoga. I loved his ongoing curiosity and the respect he had for the human body and its ability to move.  We would have classes twice a day under the covered terrace, with the cool of the swimming pool nearby. Jamie also gave us divine massages which elevated us to another level of happiness and relaxation.

In addition, the retreat also included reflection and meditation sessions, inspiring deep spirituality within us and prompting changes in our lifestyle and thought processes, introducing new ideas and concepts. This additional dimension to the retreat completed the sphere of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

All of May’s team were just such lovely people, decorating the chateau with fresh cut flowers and an eye for detail making our environment even more welcoming, The special moments on this retreat were captured by a professional photographer without intrusion or lack of privacy.

And last but not least, I thank my lovely fellow yogis, I think it was the synergy of all the beautiful energies that made this an unforgettable experience with lifelong friendships, love and respect for our individual unique life journeys.

I can’t express my gratitude for such a beautiful experience, as a yogi healing from cancer, this retreat was an integral part of my healing journey, with knowledge which will continue to empower me to follow the path to happiness and ultimate health.

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“The June 2022 Yoga Retreat was fantastic. May and her team are wonderful hosts and there was a very warm welcome at the Chateau. There was never a dull moment and plenty to keep me entertained. I loved meeting like-minded Souls and enjoyed wonderful conversations. The ‘MayWay’ meals were delicious and beautifully presented, as well as nutritious. The cooking Demos were very informative and taught me lots of practical tips that I can easily put into practice at home. Jamie knows how to make the daily yoga classes fun and push the boundaries of flexibility. The team took great care of us and I felt thoroughly pampered for five days. Thank you for a wonderful time and I look forward to joining you again sometime.”

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