The past few weeks have been, to say the least, a massive reset for many of us. However, I also feel it’s provided an opportunity for a massive reframe too.

What do I mean by this?
With so much cancelled, rescheduled or indeed abandoned, looking for the upside may have felt like a futile approach. But, for me, I have drawn on my firm, long-held belief that it is entirely within our control to reframe any situation with a more positive spin. It is not uncommon for me to meet a moment of “panic” or “stress” with the statement “The Power of Positive Thinking”!

Am I the only one who believes in the power of positive thinking?!  I mean, really believe…to the point that for a short while, I’m not prepared to consider any less optimal, alternative outcome?! Now, I do know that obviously, I can’t perform miracles but I also know that positive thinking does help to reduce stress and anxiety and can also boost mood. Studies show this and anecdotally, I confirm this.

Why am I sharing this?
Since qualifying and beginning to practice as a nutritionist, there’s been one thing that has trailed behind me as my business developed.  I began at the outset, seeing clients one-to-one before diversifying into cookery demonstrations, to show clients how to make the food I’m advising they eat and then inviting them to experience a new way of eating and living for a few days on one of my retreats in France.  But, at each stage, Imposter Syndrome very often marred the excitement and exhilaration I was enjoying!

This is when I honestly believe the power of positive thinking helped me plough on through with my big plans and finally, 2 weeks ago, one of my wildest dreams actually happened.. I launched my first subscription membership community, Thrive!

The despondency that crept in at the beginning of recent weeks has been reframed into an opportunity and I will enjoy the rest of 2020 with renewed optimism as I take on the biggest challenge of ensuring Thrive is everything I dreamt it would be!

So, whilst you may not be in control of the situation around you, I do hope that you can find a way to reframe your new routines, lifestyle and commitments to help you pursue your dreams and ambitions. There is no time limit for this period of change, so take your time and allow your mind to dream big!


And whilst you’re doing that, let me help you reset your diet and lifestyle. So many of you have taken action and already joined me in Thrive; have you joined yet?
If nothing else, you’ll be nudged into exercising regularly with an expert Pilates video landing into your inbox each Monday and inspired with a 4 meal options each Friday,…plus much more!

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