Week beginning Friday 2nd October 2020

Mood Boosters

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely felt a slump over the past few days; could be the weather (it’s grey and gloomy here in the UK!), doom and gloom in the news and a general lack of oomph!

Well, we can’t stay like that and whilst there are many factors that are beyond our control, it’s even more important to focus on eating colourful, enticing meals which are not only a feast for your eyes, but you also know that you are nurturing yourself with good food.

Don’t underestimate the value of self-care when it comes to your food choices. Knowing you are looking after yourself and giving yourself the best possible food and nutrients is a mood booster in itself.

So here you go…!.

  • Saautéd Mushroom & (leftover) Potato Halloumi bowl (V) 
    An easy high protein lunch to put together. (Don’t forget, mushrooms are a rich source of plant based protein)Leftover roasted potatoes aren’t always easy to make appealing the following day, but here they’ve been revived into a super tasty brunch!😀I sautéed them along with some sliced mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Meanwhile, separately, I “fried” a few slices of need for any additional oil. Then, a few chilli slices and this delicious avocado oil from Olivado UK with lemon literally added fire and zest to this simple brunch!

    One of my favourite oils; naturally infused and organic!

  • Baked Ginger Salmon and Green Vegetatables  ***
    Good moods need omega-3s! It’s important to include oily fish, like salmon, sardines and mackerel, ideally around 2-3 times a week. They are a rich source of omega-3s, that are not only anti-inflammatory and therefore help to combat the effects of stress withiin the body, but they are also essential for the integrity of your nerves. Without good nerve health, your moods will suffer.As always, never miss an opportunity to include green vegetables with your meals; they are packed with essential nutrients like magnesium, iron and B vits; all essential for energy production. An easy way to beat the slump! RECIPE 
  • Loaded Toasted Sourdough
    Make the effort to create a feast your eyes! It goes beyond simply enjoying your meal more because it looks great; the feast before you also prepares your digestive system ahead of the food reaching it. Enzymes are released so you’re ready to digest and process that meal much more efficiently…and therefore less bloating, cramps, wind etc.I had a small handful of fresh spinach to wilt, half an avocado to mash, a few sundried tomatoes leftover in a jar and a small chunk of feta to crumble. All loaded on to a toasted slice of sourdough and drizzled with olive oil.If you’re loading with healthy nutrient-rich ingredients, you’re loading your body with what it needs to keep you healthy and strong. Honestly, that’s the way it works!
  • Mixed Salad
    Growing up in an Egyptian household, no meal was complete with a statutory mixed salad, already dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. The meal just didn’t feel right without it and I urge you to consider adding a side salad to any meal. Whether it’s a starter or side, that extra boost of nutrients and fibre is invaluable, not only in terms of how many nutrients and veggies you tot up for the day, but all that extra fibre is exactly what your digestion needs to help it along.Don’t over-complicate it; just add in whatever you have. Even if it’s just a few leaves and tomatoes or cucumber, you’re still winning!