Summer Berry Tiramisu

Until I was introduced to this delicious Summer Berry Tiramisu recipe, I’d have given any Tiramisu recipe a miss! However, having tried the authentic version prepared by a dear Italian friend, I’m absolutely converted!

Now, I’m a coffee dessert fiend and will often opt for coffee flavours, whether it’s ice cream, cake or even tiramisu but this fresh citrusy Summer Berry Tiramisu is surprisingly light and fluffy and now a serious contender for that top spot! It’s seriously indulgent, yet not void of nutrients as many desserts often are. It really is the perfect dessert centrepiece that is guaranteed to WOW your guests!

Infused with zingy citrus juices and strawberries, the fresh flavours are the perfect seasonal makeover from the usual coffee tiramisu.

Even better, it benefits from being prepared in advance, even the day before, ready for you to effortlessly present this decadent pudding to your guests. RECIPE

Smashed Chickpea Salad with Harissa Yoghurt on Toast

This quick smashed chickpea salad is incredibly fresh tasting with it’s fresh lemony zing perfectly complimented by the warmed chickpeas and fiery yoghurt base. This delicious salad is a perfect lunch choice and is also vegan flexible, depending on your choice of yoghurt. RECIPE

Thai Salmon Fishcakes

We served these on the retreat, alfresco under the lime blossom tree in 42 degree heat and they were an absolute hit…as they always are! They’re incredibly flavoursome and easy to make (ahead too), I wouldn’t want you to miss out! They’re perfect for the heatwave we’re due over the weekend! RECIPE