There is a notion that eating well is expensive; I refute this! It’s surprisingly easy to eat well and more importantly ensure more nutrition while spending less.


Shop seasonally

Eat Seasonally to get more nutrition while spending less; May Simpkin-Nutritionist

You’ll often notice the seasonal produce almost immediately as you walk into a supermarket; it tends to be piled high on the nearest counters and more importantly it is likely to be discounted. That’s because they are available in abundance and can’t sit on the shelves for too long before the quality deteriorates. In-season produce is a perfect opportunity to eat fresh vegetables and fruits that are cheaper and more nutritious. The fresher the produce the higher the nutrient quality. Plan your meals around these for the coming week or so.

Plan your meals

Meal planning can help reduce food waste and therefore save you money. Consider your coming week’s activities and social plans as well as review what’s in your fridge that needs using up and how you can combine these with any larder or freezer ingredients. Then shop for the fresh produce you need for the meal overall. Shopping with meals in mind will allow you to only buy what you need and avoid the temptation to buy other foods you are less likely to use and therefore waste.

Meal Planning to get more nutrition whilst spending less with May Simpkin-Nutritionist

Why not try my easy MEAL PLANNING Made Easy Online Course where I walk you through the exact way I plan and prepare my meals without a rigid framework! Find out exactly what I have in my kitchen, larder and freezer so you can create a healthy meal in minutes, from scratch with minimum fuss. I share my easy replicable approach with 3 “live” videos, a meal plan, an ingredient list and recipes.

Cook at home

Eating out is expensive and you are likely to eat more food (and drink) than you would otherwise. Try to focus on creating most of your meals at home and consider eating out as a treat on a special occasion. Eating at home will not only save you money but also allows you to control the ingredients and your portion sizes.

Cook at home to get more nutrition whilst spending less; May Simpkin Nutritionist

Buy in bulk

Whilst some multi-buying offers, like 2-for-1 can be off-putting if you’re likely to waste the additional purchase, consider which offers you can take advantage of, whether it is food that can easily be stored in the larder or cooked up and stored in the fridge to use the following week or freezer to keep it longer. Buying foods like grains, beans, nuts, and spices can save money over time and can also provide more convenience to allow you to put a meal together more quickly and easily.

Buy in bulk eating to ensure more nutrition while saving money

Use leftovers

Never waste any food! Find ways of reusing leftovers for another meal whether that’s over the coming week or freezing meals in small portions for the days you may be eating alone or you’re not feeding the whole family for any reason. Having leftovers of homecooked foods means you eat well at that meal whilst also saving you preparation time and money you would otherwise spend on new ingredients. Plus of course, it reduces waste.

Now that you have these 5 considerations in mind, I hope you’ll agree that eating well and ensuring more NUTRITION while spending less is attainable and indeed it’s a win-win!

If you’re stuck for healthy nutritive recipes that won’t cost the earth, head to the RECIPES section for plenty of easy recipes you can make for you and your family. Eating well to ensure more nutrition while spending less is easier than you think.

What are your favourite kitchen money-saving tips? Let me know in the comments below.