Week beginning Friday 11th September 2020

When you need something sweet…YOU NEED SOMETHING SWEET! I hear you! I’m the same and I certainly don’t deny myself. That said, it’ll never be sweets or biscuits that reach for; I honestly can’t remember the last sweet or biscuit I ate! The simple reason is that it really doesn’t appeal; it’s far too sweet in an unnatural way, nutrient-void and I know it’s not going to hit the spot.

So here’s some of the things that I do reach for…. not only will they hit the spot and satisfy your sweet tooth, but they’ll also provide you with a nutrient boost.

👊 REMEMBER, Make Each Mouthful Count Nutritionally 👊

This Week: Healthy Goodies!


  • Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate Bark (V)
    This will always top my list of ideal snacks! Not only because it’s the best chocolate hit but mainly because it’s incredibly easy and quick to put together…and then it keeps for ages in the freezer. And just in case you’re wondering, it’s perfect straight from the freezer, so you won’t have to factor in any defrosting time. Go make this…you’ll love it! RECIPE
  • High Protein Granola Bars ***
    Not only are these an ideal snack…mid morning, mid-afternoon or after school but they’re also a good breakfast replacement if you’re still getting back into the swing of things now that the kids have gone back to school! It’s nutritious and slow-releasing to help keep up concentration levels. RECIPE
  • Bliss Balls (V)
    Have you tried making your own energy balls rather than buying them? They’re so expensive and yet incredibly easy. Once you’ve made a batch, they’ll keep in the fridge for ages. I love them mid afternoon, just as that 4pm slump hits! They’re also a fabulous snack to have for hungry kids!
  • Gluten Free Hazelnut & Chocolate Cookies (V)
    This really does pack a nutrional punch! With so many nutritious ingredients, you’re really ensuring it’s a healthy treat. PS. The filling may remind you of a well-known hazelnut and chocolate spread! RECIPE

*** Exclusive to Thrive