We’re heading into the fourth, or is it fifth…might even be the sixth….week of lockdown here in the UK and I’m starting to feel a familiarity with my new normal routines. Food delivery was certainly an issue at the outset as many companies quickly had to adjust to a surge in demand and I hope by now you’re finding it easier to get your groceries; whether you’re venturing out to the supermarkets or have managed to secure that elusive delivery slot. Apart from a couple of top-up shops, I’ve essentially relied on having everything delivered and have loved the convenience of having a range of food delivery companies delivering directly to my doorstep; naturally socially distanced!

Whilst I’m not necessarily recommending these as “the best”, these are the 4 food delivery service companies that I’m using right now and I couldn’t be happier!

The Cookaway

Aside from the convenience of having everything you need delivered, with full instruction recipe cards, these have been a lot of fun to cook as a family! Even the most reluctant cook has been bowled over with how easy it is to produce an incredibly tasty meal, from scratch! I’ve also been sending these out as gifts; after all, who wants anything other than food right now! The great news is that the new website has just launched with the existing menu ranges; Indian, Italian and my Healthy range along with 2 new cuisines for you to try out; Japanese and Spanish. You’re going to love the choice and there’s no obligation to subscribe, so you can simply try it out on a one-off basis.



Buy Wholefoods Online


This is where I have been buying all my “healthy’ ingredients for years; they’re the best, in terms of quality and price. Whilst some items may show as “out of stock”, quite often that’s just temporary to ensure they are able to cope with demand and it’s worth checking in the following day, as it does change day to day. Whether it’s chia seeds, buckwheat flour, quinoa or just simple nuts, you’ll find it all there in varying quantity sizes.



Sheringham’s fine foods


Normally only delivering to restaurants and business, Sheringham’s have recently opened up for home delivery during this lockdown. I’ve been buying all my fresh vegetables and fruits as well as a number of panty and fridge items. Excellent quality and service and normal prices- they’ve been a godsend! Only problem, they only delivery within the M25, but worth a call if you’re not far off.

Sheringham’s Find Foods


Abel and Cole

As a longstanding customer, I’ve stuck with these although I have lost any flexibility to choose (or avoid) specific items. That said, I’m grateful and can never underestimate how much fresh veg and fruit I can consume, particularly right now with seemingly endless meals being prepared (and filmed!!)



RECIPE VIDEO: Healthy Quinoa & Cauliflower Rice Kedgeree

This classic kedgeree has had a healthy makeover! Gluten-free, high protein and rich in fibre, this delicious dish is a perfect family sharing meal. The good news is that it’s highly nutritious as a vegan meal as well as non-vegan. This video explains how and why and you’ll also learn how to make quinoa successfully and why ghee is a great choice. As always, there are plenty of cooking and nutrition tips throughout.

Which food delivery companies are you using? Alternatively, which are shops are worth queueing up for?!