Week beginning Friday 9th October 2020

Add Colour, Add Nutrients!

It seemed appropriate, as we’re doing a colour workshop today, to continue the theme of colour but, as you all know, adding colour is almost my mantra when it comes to food!

Today’s inspiration is all about taking the most basic of meals and boosting your veggie intake and therefore nutrient intake, simply by adding in colour.

No new recipes this week; I just want you to focus on taking what you are doing already and adding in an extra colourful vegetable or two.

  • Saautéd Mushroom on Rye Toast with Cherry Tomatoes (V)
    An easy protein breakfast/brunch or lunch to put together but don’t just have mushrooms; combine them with a boost of colour. Tomatoes always work well with mushrooms but a handful of wilted spinach, from fresh or frozen would also be great.
  • Cheese, Mushroom and Red Pepper Omelette 
    I very often fall back on an omelette when I’m feeling uninspired but I love how this simple concept can very easily be turned into something hearty, tasty and nutritious. I’ve included thinly sliced mushrooms and diced red peppers, but frankly, this is a great one to do a fridge raid with and add in any bits and pieces lurking in the fridge.NO WASTE: Don’t throw out those last few leftovers or veggie remnants you haven’t used in a dish; this is where you can turn them into a meal!COOKING TIP: It’s never easy to flip a whole omelette, so do it two halves! Flip one side and allow it to cook for a minute or so and then flip the doubled up omelette again. That way you won’t burn the underside but you’ll allow the middle to cook for longer. 
  • Cabbage and Broccoli Stir Fry (V)
    Cabbage can be a difficult one to entice the family with, but stir-fried, with a selection of vibrant vegetables, some ginger, garlic and soy sauce and it starts to become much more interesting.I always start by frying an onion (or 2) in either coconut, rapeseed or sesame oil and then add in the cabbage. Allow them to cook through a little before adding in chopped ginger and garlic, sliced peppers and finally the broccoli for the last 2-3mins. This way the veggies remain vibrant and also retain a little crunch. Just before serving, stir in some soy sauce and drizzle with a little toasted sesame oil for a added flavour punch.COOKING TIP: I prefer to add the soy sauce towards the end so the vegetables don’t release too much liquid and they remain crunchy.This is an ideal side to any Asian chicken or prawn dish and an easy way to boost your veggie intake for the day.
  • Pimped up Scrambled Egg on Toast!
    There’s no doubt scrambled egg is a quick nutritious meal when you’re pushed for time or haven’t had a chance to shop or plan. But nevertheless, it does lack vegetables and therefore it won’t be as balanced a meal as it could be. So simply throw on a few healthy garnishes, like tomatoes, cucumber and avocado but also fresh herbs which also provide great nutrients.That said, if you prefer your scrambled egg unadulterated, make yourself a mixed salad and eat it as a side!