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Looking for May Simpkin Testimonials should be easy and transparent and I am so grateful to the people that I have worked with who have generously provided me with genuine testimonials which may help to give others an opportunity to see what they might expect and how I work.

As a Masters qualified UK-registered Nutritionist mBANT and a real woman with busy family life, I am here to share with you a simple, no-nonsense approach when it comes to healthy eating – backed up with expert qualified recommendations. I believe in easy, practical, achievable food!

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Thames Ditton, Surrey

Meeting May, who is highly approachable, has been a quiet revolution for me. May's research-lead and carefully thought-through advice has, since 6 August 2016 when I first went for a consultation, progressively changed my weight, health and well-being to an ever increasing degree.



When I first met with May, I was on a very restrictive diet of no dairy, gluten or sugar plus no raw fruit or vegetables. I was incredibly frustrated and unhappy with my diet and it wasn’t solving my digestive issues. May was fantastic and totally understood the need to have a diet that would solve my digestive issues but also fit with my lifestyle and my families needs. Within 5 weeks, all of my digestive issues had been solved, I had lost weight and felt full of energy and fantastic. I am now cooking one meal for me and my family and feel so happy with my healthy yet fulfilling diet. May’s approach was to give me the tools and knowledge to eat well for life rather than a quick fix diet. She is very easy to talk to and understanding and I would highly recommend her.



I was referred to May by a friend who said she was a lovely and knowledgable lade and she wasn’t wrong. May listened to what I hoped to achieve and through lots of questions formed a picture of where I was going wrong. She was then able to advise me on some sensible and logical changes to make to my diet and lifestyle, no jargon and quick fixes anywhere to be seen! I went for the consultation package which included follow ups and I found this invaluable. It allowed the process to be a gradual one and her advice and ideas are now fully embedded. I would recommend her.



What a lovely person May is, so welcoming, and from the outset I felt very comfortable in sharing my food issues with her, it was as if we’d know each other for years. May’s advice on how I should move forward and change my eating habit was explained in easy and simple terms; clearly demonstrating her knowledge and expertise. All the good food I’m eaating now has so many good nutrients in them, that my ‘Mental Health’ and my weight has also improved. Thank you May.



May is delightful. She quickly made me feel at ease and I felt comfortable talking to her about my long term, undiagnosed health problems. She was very knowledgeable and recommended specific blood tests to be done -the results of these confirmed her suspicions as to the reason for my health problems and in turn I was able to present the findings to my GP who took it from there. In parallel, we examined my diet & the intolerance tests taken pointed out very specific food items for me to avoid. I have been following May’s recommended nutritional program for several months now, and my digestion & overall energy levels are much better as a result of it. Thank you, May!



I know that it is unlikely that my condition can improve drastically. However, having made the decision to visit you (and pull my head out of the sand) I discovered an entirely new outlook with easy and interesting and very comfortable discussion with you, with a good new outlook on foods to support not only my condition but my body as a whole. All in an easy to follow way. I would recommend anyone to take this option with any cares or worries they may have. After all it is by word of mouth that has brought this about.



May Simpkin took time to explain the reasons why certain foods would be good for my dietary needs. I have learned so much about eating healthily and now make better choices when food shopping. I now really enjoy looking out for new simple recipes in magazines for meals to prepare at home using ingredients that I had not considered before.



I thought I ate healthily, but my visits to May really opened my eyes a bit further, and some of the things that you think are healthy are not so! May really encouraged me to add variety and to change some of my habits. It surprising how the body can adapt to new things and get hooked on really healthy foods! Thank you May

Dorie Taylor

Esher, Surrey

May’s knowledge and passion for nutrition sets her apart from any other nutritionist I have worked with. During the initial interview, she listens attentively to her clients unique health history and artfully contours a nutrition plan that is not only healthy but delicious and easy to fit into any busy lifestyle.



I was impressed by your service, and will certainly recommend you to any of my friends requiring a nutritionist. Many thanks.



I really enjoyed my sessions with May. She helped me to analyse my eating habits and gave me a greater understanding of food nutrition. May helped me to develop a healthy eating plan, with lots of new ideas for healthy family meals. I now feel more energised, have lost weight and feel more in control of what I eat. I would definitely recommend her.



Without question the tweaks I have made to my diet are definitely helping – thanks so much!


Surrey Hills

I’m -7 kg or so from when I visited you. My wife and I are definitely eating more healthily and there were a couple of key phrases I remember. Add colour to the diet and increase the nutritional load. We have more vegetables and less carbohydrates….Thanks!



My experience working with May Simpkin has been very rewarding and has resulted in significant progress against my objectives of weight loss and increased energy. May’s approach to nutrition is pragmatic and positive. It’s not about crash dieting or regimens that would require an inordinate amount of time, energy, and money to implement. Instead, her approach centers on teaching the fundamentals of nutrition, understanding my needs, and proposing a range of alternative, superior alternatives. As a result of her approach, she has helped me to make a move away from foods that provide an immediate but short-lived energy boost to foods that provide a slower but more sustained energy level. She has taught me to make better choices at work, at home, in restaurants, and in the grocery store. These choices were easy to implement and have delivered noticeable results. Throughout our cooperation, May has maintained a positive and encouraging manner. After each meeting with her, I leave feeling energized and determined to keep improving further. I am grateful to May for her support and would recommend others to work with her to help achieve their health and nutrition objectives.

Sue Lane


One of the best things I have ever done was to go and see May. I went to see her because I felt so bad due to my underactive thyroid. My joints hurt, my face and eyes were puffy, I had no energy and was unable to lose the weight that I had put on after having broken my ankle. The doctor didn’t seem to be able to help me so as a “last resort” I went to see May. I only wish that she had been my first port of call! It is now three months since my first appointment and I have not only lost weight but can actually get out of bed in the morning without a struggle (anyone who is hypothyroid will know what I mean! ), my joints don’t hurt any more and I am now feeling more like I used to years ago! Yesterday a lady in Tesco even commented on my “lovely figure”!! I did the Health Improvement Programme with May and also had blood tests done which enabled us to see exactly what we were dealing with. I now know I have an auto-immune condition too but with May’s advice have made changes to my diet to avoid stressing my body any further. Don’t get me wrong – I am no angel and will eat chocolate and drink alcohol but now it’s dark chocolate and mainly red wine because that’s better for me! Thank you, May for helping me to get back to “normal” and anyone hesitating before taking the plunge to see her…..please don’t !! The investment in your health is so worthwhile.

Tracey Stonard


After just one session with May, I was confident that the changes she suggested were simple and achievable. Since then our whole family has implemented these changes into our daily lives. As a result we have more energy, we feel great and we’ve lost extra pounds without feeling that we were ‘on a diet’. I would highly recommend May’s services to anyone seeking to optimise their health through nutrition.

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As a qualified UK-registered Nutritionist and a real woman with a busy family life, May is here to share with you a simple, no-nonsense approach when it comes to healthy eating.

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