Healthy Banana Bread Granola; May Simpkin

Healthy Banana Bread Granola

This delicious, fibre packed nutty banana bread granola is a healthy, wholesome banana bread alternative, that’s oil and gluten-free yet still quick and easy to make, without sacrificing those traditional banana bread scents wafting through the house!

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Deliciously spicy peach compote

Spiced Peach Compote

Peaches that are soft and juicy and even past their best, are perfect to cook and making this healthy peach compote couldn’t be easier. A compote is simply a fruit that has been cooked down so it’s soft, thick and syrupy and utterly delicious!

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Breakfast to improve focus and productivity at work

Breakfast; the key change to kick start a healthy day

When embarking on a new health kick, you may find yourself inundated with articles and tips for healthy eating as you scour the internet, newspaper and magazines for tips and advice. Such articles, with the conflicting and often confusing advice hammered out, can leave you feeling despondent as to the best course of action to […]

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