Tofu Cooking Class for Tofobes!


Friday 19th March @ 1:00pm

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When it comes to Tofu, people fall into 3 camps; They’ve never tried it! They’ve tried it and don’t like it! OR They’ve tried it and HATE it!!!

I used to be in the last category but more recently I’ve been experimenting with different ways of cooking it, various flavours and swapping it into a meal more readily.

I think I’ve been making it wrong and I know I’m not alone! So, I’ve asked expert chef (and New Healthy member) Ruth Weighill for recipe inspiration and her top tips for making tasty tofu dishes that the whole family will love.

Ruth will demonstrate recipes showing how to use different types of tofu – silken, firm/extra firm to make us fall in love with this incredibly nutritious vegan first-class protein.

·      Thai lettuce salad with fried tofu and a chilli and lime dressing

·      Tofu mayonnaise/tofu salad dressing

·      Israeli salad with whipped tofu, miso, avocado & herb dip

So if you’re a TOFOBE, don’t miss this class!

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