A holistic skincare approach with Dr Rabia Malik


Wednesday 16th April @ 8:00pm

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A holistic approach to health extends beyond the food we eat. It’s also important to ensure a holistic skincare approach for healthy skin, so you feel great from the inside out!

If you have ever been confused about what skincare products to buy or how to create the ideal holistic skincare regime, this event is for you.

Join Dr Rabia as she discusses her holistic approach to achieving optimum skin health, putting together a simple yet effective skincare regime and how to manage common concerns such as hyperpigmentation, breakouts, acne, rosacea, eczema and scarring.

Dr Rabia Malik discusses Holistic Skincare in The New Healthy with May Simpkin


Dr Rabia Malik is an Aesthetic Doctor and General Practitioner who qualified from GKT, King’s College, London in 2004.

Her focus is on helping her patients achieve optimum skin health. Dr Rabia chooses not to work with injectables (botox/filler), instead focusing on a holistic approach and specialising in skin peels to deliver healthy, radiant, luminous skin, tackling acne, pigmentation and a whole host of other skin issues.


After this talk you will have a good idea of what ingredients to look out for when buying skincare products, which ingredients to avoid, supplements that can help support skin health and skin treatments that really deliver results, making the best use of your time and money.


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