4 Really Good Reasons to Eat Fish for Dinner Tonight

Bursting with important nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D, fish is a stellar choice of food to eat. The NHS recommends that a healthy, balanced diet should include at least two portions of fish each week, as it’s a good source of vitamins, minerals and, depending on the fish, omega-3. We chatted to UK registered nutritionist MSc […]

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4 Super-Easy Recipes for Your Omega-3 Fix

Bored of your go-to with fish and two veg? We hear you. Time to step into a more creative zone and enjoy your favourite fish in new and more interesting ways. And even if you’re not a pro at cooking, our inspo makes it surprisingly simple and convenient. We asked registered nutritionist May Simpkin to share her […]

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James and Adele are two extremes

Nutritionist May Simpkin said: “James and Adele are two extremes, in that one is an athlete who is in the gym a lot, building muscle, so his daily ­requirements are massive, and the other does not have much fat there to create the energy needed to cope. “Without the nutrient profile and the calories specifically […]

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The healthy seeds you should be eating: from poppy to pumpkin



#SnackLikeYou – Good Housekeeping for The Laughing Cow