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10 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge – are you in?

March 1 - March 10

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge


Following the success of the first Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge and for those who missed it, this is your chance to sign up and get results!

Like a lot of people I’ve put on weight and when your Intermittent Fasting challenge popped up I was thrilled as no one inspires me more than you. I am so wanting to be fitter and healthier because in turn know that will make me happier about myself.

You are always so inspiring and we couldn’t think of a lovelier way to have a reset!

I want to lose 2kg in 10 days

Sign me up

My approach is not prescriptive. I don’t offer strict eating plans or exercise schedules. Instead, in the first instance, I provide the knowledge and then the inspiration and motivation for you to action your knowledge.

“Thank you for the wonderful introduction this morning”
“You’re brilliant as a presenter May, well done!!  Your presentations are very entertaining and engaging!!”

You will be guided, via live online daily sessions on how to use intermittent fasting for optimal health and also to lose weight if that’s your goal; you can finally shift that 2kg you’ve been trying to get rid of!

Here’s how…

This 10-day challenge kicks off on Monday 1st March and includes the following:

  • Daily LIVE 30min (via zoom) clinics to teach, Q&A and to ensure you stay on track
  • Live exercise sessions
  • Daily tasks delivered by email to boost your progress and overall wellbeing
  • A unique printable journal to track your progress
This 10-day Intermittent Fasting Challenge costs £97; which includes 1 month’s membership (worth £19.99) to THE NEW HEALTHY, where I can continue to support you following the challenge.


“I just want to say thank you for this. I’m really focussed on it and learning so much!”

“I’m enjoying your program and connecting with you and the lovely ladies each morning. I find it really interesting and motivating and helps me to focus on healthy eating.”

No Joining Fee, Fixed Price Forever, Exclusive Access to Entire Content of The New Healthy and a spot on the 10-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, this is another great reason you should be joining!



I'm IN!

“I just have to tell you that I got on the scales again this morning as I had now completed 10 full days and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing ……I have lost a total of 8 pounds !!”

“Thank you so much for the last 10 days, I’ve absolutely loved it and hopefully am losing weight (1.1Kg last week) due to weigh again tomorrow! But now finding this way to eat so much easier, I’m sticking with it.”

Joining this intermittent fasting challenge will give you a framework and goal to work towards, guided by me. This challenge will not be about elimination or excessive behaviour; we all know that isn’t sustainable and frankly miserable! I will lead you with positivity and a clear program that’s easy to instil into your daily life.

It doesn’t matter if you still have a houseful or if your normal routines are disrupted; this is a challenge that will work perfectly alongside daily life as it is.  Trust me, don’t wait for a calm phase sometime in the future. Fully commit to joining and I will guide you for 10 days to get you started and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to work with this programme!

Let’s put some joy back into our lives by focusing on what makes us feel good.

Join the challenge today! Don’t let your resolve to live healthy become a distant memory by the end of January!

I am so happy to find that the good habits formed on this 10-day challenge have now spilt over into my normal life. It was a mental effort to start, but once started, it was surprisingly easy, and I am so happy to have done it. Thank-you May!

 Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive full details to start the challenge

“I love the support you have given and feeling of connection which comes from the live zoom sessions, it’s been so interesting listening in and sharing experiences with everyone.”


Will I actually lose weight?

Yes, you will! You’ll have noticed that the weight loss claims (just 2kg) are hardly headline-worthy; a 1kg to 2kg loss will certainly mean you can fit into those tight fitting jeans as opposed to a headline-grabbing “before & after” scenario, but I can guarantee you’ll be thrilled to have taken action and begun to commit to your weight loss goals. I will be guiding you through an introduction to intermittent fasting and in my experience, this works.

How do I know if this intermittent fasting challenge is for me?

There’s so much advice out there and it can be confusing to know where to start. I know I can offer you a clear and simple path to changing your eating habits, so you lose weight and continue to eat well.

You’ll find yourself making informed healthy choices without feeling that you’re on a diet.

If you’re tired of constantly embarking on a new diet challenge, without maintaining your weight loss, this challenge is for you.

How will the challenge work?

When you join the challenge, you will receive a printable daily tracker to log your food and exercise. Points awarded for each task will reflect the impact on your health and weight loss success. You’ll be able to see the efforts you are making clearly logged, not only to encourage you but also to give you a clear idea of the value of each action you make. I’ve devised this unique tracker based on my expert opinion of what works. You will also receive daily attention from me; firstly a task will be sent by email at 8am each morning, which is designed to boost your wellbeing and help you to achieve your weight loss goal.  In addition, I will be hosting a live zoom session each day at 9am – 9:30am to discuss the intermittent fasting approach and you will have an opportunity to share any queries an of course successes!

How is this challenge be different from others?

I won’t “spoon-feed” you with a restrictive diet plan! Instead, I will teach you the principles of intermittent fasting for weight loss and guide you to make great choices intuitively. I will be sending out recipe and meal suggestions and I’ll be there to guide you each day to make sure you stay on track. It will be fun and inspiring as we work together with positivity and passion!

Will I need to commit a lot of time?

I hope you will be able to commit to the 30min live sessions each morning at 9:00am. If you’re not able to join live, a recording will be uploaded to the members area of The New Healthy soon after. In addition, I will be encouraging you to exercise but only in 20min sessions. There will also be a nudge to consider other aspects of your health via my daily email tasks, but these will be designed to slot as part of your daily routines. Honestly, you’ll see just how easy it is to eat and live healthily once you’re a part of this challenge.

Will I be able to do it?

My approach is always realistic, practical and achievable and it is my mission to make sure you succeed. I will be on hand to guide you each day and very happy to offer as much support as you need.

What happens after the challenge ends?

You will have learnt and experienced the principles of intermittent fasting and this is something you can instil into your daily lifestyle and never need to diet again! Furthermore, as a member of The New Healthy, you will receive my meal inspiration emails each Friday to keep you on track with great meal choices. As a member of The New Healthy, you will also have free access to all the expert workshops (if you can’t attend live, a recording is available) whilst also benefitting from my ongoing regular expert input within the membership. Basically, you have access to your own personal nutritionist online!

You can simply continue your membership of The New Healthy and lock in your rate for the lifetime of your membership. Currently, this is £19.99 per month. Of course, you are also free to cancel your membership without any penalties if it’s not for you.

Do I need social media?

No! All my live sessions are on zoom and you will receive the links to join by email and also reminders via a WhatsApp group. There’s no Facebook group to join or Instagram live to follow! You can join the zoom meetings via any device; your phone, laptop or computer and there is no pressure whatsoever to have your camera or microphone on.

How do I join the challenge?

You simply need to sign up and you’ll receive full details once you’ve joined.

What if I’ve tried to change these types of challenges before and didn’t work?

Trust me, I know this will be different because my approach focuses on more than just what you eat. There’s so much more to losing weight and I know how to support you; it’s an approach I have used over the years with 100s of clients as well as over 5 days with my retreat guests. I will give you the confidence to make the changes you need to eat and live well during the challenge and beyond.



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