Is this you:

  • Are you tired of battling constant cravings?
  • Are you struggling to lose weight?
  • Are you suffering from digestive discomfort like bloating?
  • Are you confused as to what you need to eat to feel good?
  • Are you worried you’re not feeding yourself nutritiously?
  • Are you tired of the daily exasperation of
    What to eat or what to cook for dinner
  • Are you tired…. of being tired all the time?

I get it!

I have helped 100s of clients regain control of their daily eating habits; replacing unsatisfying and unhealthy quick fixes with wholesome nutritious food. Eating vegan or plant based “TheMayWay” will allow you to truly thrive, feeling and looking your very best.

In truth, unless you know how to do this, you’ll probably end up making choices that you perceive to be the right ones, when in fact you’re actually sabotaging your efforts.

Let me help you!


What lifestyle challenge impacts your everyday life the most?


Losing weight?

Feeling energised and vital?

Cooking healthy for your family?

For me, it’s the menopause and I know many of my clients find this phase of life very challenging too. Hot sweats that sweep over in seconds and disrupted sleep are something I now have to deal with, let alone memory lapses, bouts of irrational anxiety and unexplained low moods. However, I’m lucky. I haven’t noticed these symptoms until fairly recently and whilst they’re certainly not fun, they’re manageable. Many of my clients are struggling with extreme symptoms but nevertheless have to carry on regardless of feeling tired and drained of energy. That’s not easy and it’s not surprising that many women find this phase tough.

There’s so much out there when it comes to managing the menopause and whilst I’m sure many are aware of the numerous symptoms and treatment options available, the natural solutions can often be overlooked.

One thing I know is that the food I eat and the focus on good lifestyle habits has a big impact on alleviating my symptoms, allowing me to continue pursuing my passions with energy and vitality.

As a nutritionist, I don’t subscribe to faddy diets, but Accidentally Vegan as a lifestyle choice is so compelling that I gave it a go and I now feel the benefits enormously. I share this natural approach with my clients, increasing their understanding of how the body is changing at this time and discussing the ways  they can help themselves, both before and during menopause.



Accidentally Vegan as a lifestyle choice

I’m a wife, a mum to 3 young adults, a busy professional, and a real foodie. I eat “accidentally vegan” and pack in plenty of vegetables and other plant-based foods each day. I know this is key to my overall health. I feel good, I feel energised and love feeling this way. And you can too!

Your lifestyle game changer

After consulting for 100s of busy women struggling to know what to eat, I decided to write this course to demystify your understanding of food and show you exactly what you should be eating and why. I know that our bodies work best when we keep it simple.

The course is geared to help those who want to feel empowered and know how to make the right food choices. I believe that by empowering you to instinctively know what supports your health and what doesn’t… then food can become easy, interesting and joyful again.



To help you know what to eat:

What vegan foods are high in protein

Capturing the nutritional benefits a plant-based diet is so much simpler than you think: just cherry-pick from a selection of delicious recipes included within this course.

Accidentally Vegan is an easy, achievable and realistic approach to eating healthy

Accidentally Vegan Online Course

Through a series of videos tutorials, I will share my expert knowledge and insights along with my easy, delicious recipes that will guarantee you meet health and vitality.

Absolutely delicious Plant based recipes

Banish the unhealthy habits once and for all!

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What vegan foods are high in protein

benefits of Investing in your health:

  • You’ll have the tools and knowledge to base your meal choice decisions
  • You’ll be inspired and motivated to make changes to your eating habits
  • You’ll start making healthy sustainable choices that fit in with your lifestyle
  • You’ll feel energized throughout the day…every day
  • You’ll have a better understanding of the conflicting and confusing health messages presented in the media and you’ll debunk limiting myths
  • You’ll improve your gut health and reduce debilitating digestive symptoms like bloating and wind
  • You’ll improve your mood and concentration and regain your “mojo”
  • You’ll have over 45 recipes to hand so you can make quick, tasty and nutritious meals
  • And finally… you’ll jump off that rollercoaster and banish unhealthy habits once and for all.

Learn how to eat Accidentally Vegan or more plant based, intuitively and unscripted so you have more food freedom, confident you’re making great choices for you AND your family



If you’re eating this way, you’ll not only feel better and be more energetic, but you’re also setting yourself up to be healthier in the future. You’ll be taking responsibility for your health and increasing your chance of preventing serious illness in later life.


If you follow my simple, no-nonsense approach, you’ll be eating way more plants and making healthier choices – and you’ll never look back. I will inspire you with a sustainable approach that will transform your health by eating a healthy, varied and balanced diet of real food, plant-based, cooked from scratch.

This simple approach is an uncomplicated and surprisingly easy way to effortlessly ensure optimal health whilst eating Accidentally Vegan or plant-based


What you will learn:

  • How to embrace your accidentally vegan mindset?
  • What is a vegan or plant-based way of eating?
  • How to transition to a vegan or plant-based way of eating in 3 steps?
  • What is protein?
  • Why do you need protein?
  • How much protein do you need?
  • Some common protein myths de-mystified
  • How to meal plan accidentally vegan?
  • How to shop accidentally vegan?
  • What to eat in a day accidentally vegan?


  • Accidentally Vegan: INTRODUCTION
  • MODULE 1 – Building your knowledge
  • MODULE 2 – Meal planning and shopping
  • MODULE 3 – Common Concerns
  • Beyond the course + Bonus Resources

PLUS: A Recipe Book with 45+ meals inspiration including:

  • Breakfasts
  • Light Eats & Lunches
  • Bigger Eats & Main Meals

vegan for beginners

Accidentally Vegan – Your Lifestyle Game Changer

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Once you’ve started, you’ll never look back!